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Laboratory Chemicals refer to any chemical that’s used in laboratory testing and experiments. Most are standard chemical reagents or simple chemicals that serve as basic ingredients to synthesise more complex chemicals. They can be used for investigative or diagnostic purposes, such as in the preparation of drugs or in laboratory experiments. Laboratory Chemical Manufacturers, Laboratory Chemical Suppliers, Laboratory Chemical Exporters, Lab Chemical Manufacturers in India.

Abscisic Acid 99% (For Biochemistry)

Product Code : EL-LC-10281

Grade: For Biochemistry Molecular Formula: C15H20O4

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Acacia Extra Pure

Product Code : EL-LC-10283

Density : 1.33 – 1.35g/cm3 Specific gravity : 1.425 (water =1)

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Acacia AR (Enzyme Free)

Product Code : EL-LC-10284

Insoluble matter :

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Acenaphthene 96% (For Synthesis)

Product Code : EL-LC-10285

Purity : Min. 96% Grade : For Synthesis

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Aces Buffer 99% Extra Pure

Product Code : EL-LC-10286

Purity : 99% Molecular Formula : C4H10N2O4S

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Acetaldehyde Solution 20-30% (For Synthesis)

Product Code : EL-LC-10287

Purity : 20-30% Molecular Weight : 44.05

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Acetamide 99% (For Synthesis)

Product Code : EL-LC-10288

Purity : 99% Grade : For Synthesis

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Acetanilide 98.5% Extra Pure

Product Code : EL-LC-10289

Purity : 98.5% Molecular Formula : C8H9NO

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Acetic Acid Glacial 99.5% Extra Pure

Product Code : EL-LC-10290

Purity : 99.5% Grade : Extra Pure

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Acetic Acid Glacial 99.7% AR

Product Code : EL-LC-10291

Purity : 99.7% Grade : AR

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Acetic Acid 99.8% HPLC

Product Code : EL-LC-10292

Grade : HPLC Molecular Formula : CH3CO2H

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Acetic Acid 0.1m (0.1n) Standard Solution

Product Code : EL-LC-10293

Appearance : Clear colorless solution Normality : 0.1N +/- 0.1% (at 25°C)

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Acetic Acid 2m (2n) Standard Solution

Product Code : EL-LC-10294

Appearance : Clear colorless solution Molecular Formula : CH3COOH

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Acetic Acid 0.5m (0.5n) Standard Solution

Product Code : EL-LC-10295

Appearance : Clear colorless solution Normality : 0.5N +/- 0.1% (at 25°C)

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Acetic Acid 1m (1n) Standard Solution

Product Code : EL-LC-10296

Appearance : Clear colorless solution Normality : 1.001 +/- 0.1% (at 25°C)

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